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Every person who takes looks seriously understands how white teeth are an asset. Teeth are not only meant for feeding, but they also make you look great. White teeth perfectly accomplish the task of giving you a perfect smile.

How to protect your teeth from staining

You can keep your teeth white by regular cleaning and flossing. This will prove effective as it will prevent staining that is related to cavities. Most regular tooth pastes also have some amount of whitening agent added to them; this can help you maintain your teeth white. You can also lower your consumption of colored soft drinks. Colored soft drinks stain the teeth and wear them out giving them and ugly stained look over a long period of time. The same applies to sports drinks; they too stain and wear your teeth. If you have to take soft drinks or sports drink, you should take them in a few gallops and rinse your mouth to remove the staining color and the acid that can possibly create cavities. If you are smoking, tar from tobacco will make your teeth to have a brown stain. The best prevention for this cause of staining is just quitting.

Over time however, you may still find it useful to whiten your teeth. It is possible to do it alone or in the office of your cosmetic dentist.

Home solutions

You can opt to buy whiteners that have peroxide which are made specifically to be used at home. They mostly come as gel put in trays that fit on teeth. They can also be put on whitening strip that sticks on the teeth. The peroxide whiteners are put in concentrations that are safe to use at home at home without accidents. You should however know that, home peroxide whitening may cause some sensitivity to some people when it crosses the enamel.

You can also use look for toothpaste that have been labeled to be safe whitening toothpaste to achieve the whiteness that you may desire.

Office bleaching

This involves one visit to the office of your dentist. The dentist will inspect your teeth to find out if there any problems with your gum and teeth. If all is fine, the dentist will put a protective gel or a rubber shield on your gum. Then a whitening agent will be put. In some cases, laser or light will be employed to improve the results that will be obtained.

Facts to keep in mind

Whitening should be done only once or twice in a year. Frequent whitening may make your teeth look translucent and unnatural. The best practice is always to try to keep your whitening sessions as low as possible by taking precaution.

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