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You may wonder what the raison d'etre is for yet another website aimed at classical music lovers, when there are already a number of internatonal alternatives to choose from.

We at Amaranth Digital.com firmly believe that for serious classical music collectors in South Africa, we are in a unique position to make a significant difference, rather than being yet another commercial venture. Our motivation is born of our love and passion for music and essentially the unique and lasting pleasures it brings to the senses.

As the exclusive importers and distributors in South Africa of a significant number of classical music labels (see LABELS WE REPRESENT) and with access to third party suppliers both in Europe and the US, we are able to present you with the finest recordings at affordable pricing which is simply not offered locally or internationally.

Our new website will in combination with periodic newsletters share with music lovers new ideas about the richness and often hidden beauty of the works by major composers. Advances in recording techniques have made it possible for serious music collectors to savour the full extent of classical masterpieces in subtle ways not previously imagined.

Amaranth Digital.com differs from all other other South African websites promoting and selling clasical music, because as serious collectors ourselves for more than 30 years, we are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated to providing a personal and exclusive service to our clients. We are cogniscant of the frustrations encountered by today's classical music buyers, so we are committed, as ardent fellow collectors, to bridge this gap by providing you with a new, focussed and attractive alternative approach.

We undertake to provide you with the very best advice and opinions distilled from reputable and trusted international critics, to enable you to arrive at an informed choice, free of any sales pressure or hype. We intend to provide as much NEW RELEASE DATA as possible, based upon the information released by record companies and distributors, augmented by our own throrough, informed, diverse and dedicated research.

Building and retaining a loyal body of satisfied collectors is our prime objective.

We extend to you a sincere and warm welcome to Amaranth Digital.com.

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